Project Delivery Practice Guide (PDPG) 3rd Edition (print + digital)

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The primary resource document for the Construction Documents Technology (CDT®) certification, The Project Delivery Practice Guide 3rd Edition (PDPG) conveys information on the knowledge domains that form the foundation of the skills and knowledge tested by the CDT examination.

As an aid to exam preparation, the PDPG provides a conceptual understanding of the entire construction process. It also addresses skills that can be applied immediately in construction document development and administration, specification writing and use, product research and selection, and an understanding of the roles of the entire project team, aiding communication and increasing your confidence.

In this new edition, content has been updated to improve readability, understanding, and retention, and reorganized to reflect knowledge arranged by domain and reflecting the facility and project life cycle. This content reflects current professional practice and the most recent body of knowledge analysis performed for the CDT.

  • Purchase of the PDPG electronic edition provides immediate access to an electronic version of the publication.
  • Purchase of the PDPG print and electronic version provides the same access to an electronic version as the electronic edition and delivery of a print version of the book.

Both versions include online access to the PDPG appendices:

  • Appendix A – A comparison of standard contract documents
  • Appendix B – CSI Forms
  • Appendix C – MasterFormat® 2020 numbers and titles
  • Appendix D – UniFormat®
  • Appendix E – SectionFormat®/PageFormat®

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